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online dui dwi classes

online dui dwi classes100% Online DUI/DWI Class!

nationwide dui classesClasses Accepted Nationwide!

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You can choose your class based on how many hours you must complete our you can view your state's requirements based upon the offense and find out whether or not your state will accept an online class.

Online DUI Classes by Hours

8 Hour DUI Class         $139
10 Hour DUI Class       $169
12 Hour DUI Class       $189
14 Hour DUI Class       $229
16 Hour DUI Class       $269
18 Hour DUI Class       $299
20 Hour DUI Class       $329
24 Hour DUI Class       $379
32 Hour DUI Class       $479
36 Hour DUI Class       $529
45 Hour DUI Class       $589
60 Hour DUI Class       $779
Victim impact Panel   $55

California Specific DUI Classes

The below California classes are for non-resident offenders only!

12 Hours / SB-1176 Program       $189
32 Hours / AB-541 Program         $479
45 Hours / AB-762 Program         $589
60 Hours / AB-1353 Program       $779
78 Hours / SB-38 Program

Online DUI Classes by State

Alabama               Montana
Alaska                   Nebraska
Arizona                 Nevada
Arkansas               New Hampshire
California              New Jersey
Colorado               New Mexico
Connecticut         New York
Delaware              North Carolina
Florida                  North Dakota
Georgia                 Ohio
hawaii                   Oklahoma
Idaho                    Oregon
Illinois                  Pennsylvania
Indiana                 Rhode Island
Iowa                      South Carolina
Kansas                  South Dakota
Kentucky             Tennessee
Louisiana            Texas
Maine                  Utah
Maryland            Vermont
Massachusetts    Virginia
Michigan            Washington
Minnesota          West Virginia
Mississippi         Wisconsin
Missouri              Wyoming