Frequently Asked Questions

Are your classes accepted in my state?

It all depends on the state you live in and the state your offense occurred in. There are a number of states and various scenarios a person may be facing that can affect eligibility. It is always a good decision to check first and find out before signing up for a class. If you need help we are here to answer your questions Monday through Friday 9am-5pm MST.

Are your classes guaranteed?

Yes our classes are guaranteed. To learn more about our guarantee please visit our guarantee page for more information.

What the heck is a MIP class?

“MIP” stands for Minor in Possession. These classes are for anyone under the age of 21 who was caught in the possession of alcohol or drugs. If you need a MIP class click here to view the various hour classes and get signed up.

Our Most Popular Classes

register for one of our dui classes today to satisfy your court requirement

DUI Education Classes

Depending on what state is requiring you to complete your DUI class you may be able to take an online class to satisfy the requirement.

register for one of our online anger management classes today to satisfy the courts

Anger Management Classes

We offer our Anger Management classes from 4 hours up to 52 hours in length. 

register for one our domestic violence classes online today

Domestic Violence Classes

Our Domestic Violence classes are available from 8 to 52 hours in length depending on your requirement.

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