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Adaptive Skills is an approved provider of online court classes. Our classes are superior to any other classes you may find online.

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We offer a wide selection of court ordered online classes. Whether it is a DUI class or a domestic violence class, you will find what you need here.

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Thank you so much Adaptive Skills. You helped me complete my DUI course as quickly as I wanted to.

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register for one of our dui classes today to satisfy your court requirement

DUI Education Classes

Depending on what state is requiring you to complete your DUI class you may be able to take an online class to satisfy the requirement.

register for one of our online anger management classes today to satisfy the courts

Anger Management Classes

We offer our Anger Management classes from 4 hours up to 52 hours in length. 

register for one our domestic violence classes online today

Domestic Violence Classes

Our Domestic Violence classes are available from 8 to 52 hours in length depending on your requirement.

become a better parent by taking one of our online parenting classes now

Parenting Classes Online

We offer our online Parenting and Co-Parenting classes from 2 hours up to 26 hours in length.

sign up for one of our online shoplifting and theft classes now

Shoplifting / Theft Classes

Our shoplifting and theft classes are available in lengths from 8 hours up to 26 hours.

take one of our online minor in possession classes now

Minor in Possession Classes

Our “MIP” classes are for offenders under the age of 21 and are available from 4 to 24 hours.

get signed up for one of our online alcohol awareness classes today

Alcohol Awareness Classes

These are not “DUI” classes they are Alcohol Awareness classes for people who were arrested for an offense like “drunk and disorderly”.

register for one of our drug offender classes today to satisfy the court

Drug Offender Classes

Our drug offender classes are for people arrested on a drug charge. These classes are available up to 24 hours in length.

become a better driver by taking one of our online driving classes now

Online Traffic Classes

If you are required to take a traffic class and have been approved to do it online this is the class for you.

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