Thank you so much Adaptive Skills. You helped me complete my DUI course as quickly as I wanted to. In the beginning I had trouble downloading it and they helped me within minutes of emailing their customer support. It was an informative easy process and they sent me my official certificate of completion overnight that was extremely professional looking with a gold seal and came in 1 day shipping. Again thank you for your help and I would highly recommend you to anyone I know.

Katharine, Colorado

Thank you SO much for getting my certificate emailed to me in time for court on 10/20/15. I very much appreciated your efforts and ensuring I was able to have it for court. I very much appreciated this course, it was very effective. I will recommend this company to anyone who needs it in the future, as well. Thank you so much again!

Charity, Indiana

I had got arrested on a drunk and disorderly charge and the court ordered me to complete a 20 hour alcohol and drug awareness class. I work in a very public job and couldn’t risk someone seeing me in a class, that would be bad for my career. I found you guys online and signed up for your class. It was the best decision I could’ve made. Thank you so much! Having the ability to take your class in a private setting saved me from potential embarrassment.

Jeff, Michigan

I was nervous about taking an online course to satisfy the court’s need for my drunk and disorderly charge, but after speaking with Stacy on the phone she really put me at ease. She assured me that if the court did not accept your class that I could get a refund. It’s nice to know that you guys stood behind your class. I was happy that the court accepted your class without question.

Steve, Kansas

I can’t say enough good things about Adaptive Skills, you guys rock! Got a DUII, signed up for a class with Adaptive. You guys sent me a very nice looking certificate overnight after I completed my final exam. I had no issues when I turned it in to show I took a class. I highly recommend these guys.

Michele, Oregon

I made a stupid mistake, I’m young it happens. I got caught shoplifting on a dare from my former friends. The judge ordered me to attend a class on shoplifting. I took your online class. I really liked that I could take it at home and didn’t have to go to some class in my hometown.

Connie, New York

I had got a DWI in Texas and didn’t really want to go to a local class and risk seeing someone I know. I took your online class and completed it in a short time. I turned in the certificate you sent me, nice looking certificate by the way. I was a little worried that it might not be accepted, but they took it with no questions asked.

Keegan, Texas

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